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What is the Social Empire?

In 2001 a lady friend, 'Miss V' decided she wanted to host private parties in the city's hottest new restaurants under the Social Empire moniker. Quality was good and she had acquired a mastery of keeping the douchebags out. After 'Miss V' tired of the scene in 2004, we acquired the company, handed the keys to the castle over to another lady friend and ran the business in very much the same way. At the same time of this handover, we formed Urban Mixer, Social Empire's sister company with the purpose hosting its own brand of social soirées and finding out about literally everything that's happening in town. Urban Mixer's popularity and membership skyrocketed while Social Empire stayed pretty much the same. In 2006, we decided to merge the two companies and shelve the Social Empire name for the time being.

What does this have to do with the Social Empire you're looking at today? Not a heck of a lot. Well, sorta. This site is powered by Urban Mixer and Urban Mixer knows all. We know about the big throwdowns; what's happening in hotspots, media events, political visits, celebrity sightings and places no mere mortal dare go. If the Dalai Lama and the Pope are going to break bread at a certain trattoria, we would know about it before the reso had been placed.

Okay, so what's Social Empire about now?

On a recent impromptu trip to France, it occured to our President (Raj Taneja) that there has to be a better way. Raj is totally connected in cities like Vancouver, Calgary and Seattle (Urban Mixer's cities). He's got a huge following on facebook and participates on a number of other social networks including Twitter, Tripit, LinkedIn and asmallworld. While planning his outings, he relied heavily on google, social networks, friends and new acquaintances to find out what's hot. In most cases, it was hit and miss and Raj found himself having to navigate the world of promoters telling the same story over and over - that their event/bar/hotel/service was of the quality that he was seeking and that he was going to meet like-minded individuals. All promised him but never delivered.

Raj is a pretty adept guy and he did wind up forging a few new connections, having alot of fun and overall did have a good experience on his trip but it could have been better. Much better.

Social Empire does two things for you:

  • it gives you a really good view and filter of what's happening in town
  • it connects you to these events and gets you in front of like-minded people right now

To find out about how Social Empire works, check out our FAQ.

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